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Warranty and Repair

What is not covered in the warranty?

The William Wallace Warranty does not cover:

  • Failure or damage caused by improper use or accidents (dents, crushing, knocks, broken crystal & glass, etc.)
  • Defects, Esthetical changes, and damages due to normal wear and tear
  • Watches where the serial number is missing or has been erased, altered, falsified, replaced, defaced, or made illegibly
  • Defects and damages due to theft, loss, fire, water, or a natural disaster

If purchasing from e-commerce platforms unauthorized third-party vendor, there is a risk of receiving a timepiece that is counterfeit, used or defective.

William Wallace does not honor any warranty claims that are not accompanied by the original documentation. To obtain a repair or replacement, you must ensure that the authorized retailer, from where the timepiece was purchased, has appropriately filled in the warranty card.

How long is the warranty valid?

The warranty for a William Wallace timepiece is valid for a period of ten “10” years from the date of purchase. Upon expiration of the warranty period, any repairs will be subject to a service charge. William Wallace will repair or replace any defective watch or watch-part, at no additional expense, within a reasonable time, after the product is returned. However, the customer may be subject to the costs of shipping the product.

William Wallace will not honor any warranty claims for watches purchased from an unauthorized retailer.

If you experience any damage to your watch that is considered to be covered by our warranty, you can contact our customer service team by submitting a request below to receive further help.

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