Charm Silver Dolphin

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Charms are the perfect solution for any style. A combination of charms will complement your evening outfit or even every day.

No matter where you are at the moment, when you combine charms, you adapt to any situation, whether it be a beach or a party, it will look great. You can use the combination of charm in the cunstructor section on our website. Do not deny yourself in little joys.

Dial color
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  • When ordering 3 pieces Price for 3 Charms - $59
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  • When ordering 10 pieces When buying 10 pieces - 10% discount
  • 11 to 19 After each 10 bead ordered, a 20% discount is valid
  • When ordering 20 pieces When buying 20 pieces - 25% discount
  • 21 to 29 After each 20 bead ordered, a 25% discount is valid
  • When ordering 30 pieces When buying 30 pieces - 30% discount
  • 31 to 39 After each 30 bead ordered, a 30% discount is valid
  • Full set (40 pieces) A full set of 40 сharms has a 35% discount.

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