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Version as of 1st July 2019


1.1. The Estonian Company, company code No. №14714660, address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Narva mnt 13, 10151, Estonia, (“the Company”, “we”, “us” etc.) are committed to protecting your personal data, transparency of the communication and ensuring the effective use of your rights. That is why, as a data controller, we created this Privacy Notice (“Notice”) to inform you about the processing of the data you chose to provide us with.
1.2. By using our website and (or) requesting to provide services available on the website, you agree to the terms specified in this Notice and give us, as well as our employees, contractors, partners, and service providers (the “affiliated persons”) the consent to the process your personal data provided for the proper provision of services and the use of the website (“website”, “platform”).
1.3. While creating this Notice we were guided by the Estonian data protection laws and the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as the GDPR, (the “applicable data protection legislation”) regarding the protection of personal data, and therefore all the terms in this Notice are used in the meaning of such legislation.

2. How the data is collected?

2.1. We collect the data through the order request form (the “form”), which is used to place an order for the delivery of a chosen product or item. If you choose to authorise through the social networks, we will automatically import the relevant data from your personal account.
2.2. Additionally, we ask you whether your personal data can be used for marketing purposes when submitting the form.
2.3. We also use cookies to make the visiting experience of the website better and more comfortable. In order to use them, we make a specific request at the first visit of the website.

3. What personal data do we collect?

3.1. We collect a limited amount of personal data in order to fulfil our obligations and provide relevant services.
3.2. When using the order request form, the following personal data is requested:
3.2.1. name and surname,
3.2.2. email address,
3.2.3. delivery address,
3.2.4. telephone number.
3.3. In case you choose to import the data from a social network, a part of the specified above data will be automatically imported. We will then ask to fill in the missing data, which is essential to fulfil our obligations.
3.4. We also collect information related to the order. Such information may concern the characteristics of the selected and ordered items, duration of the delivery, the price of the order, your personal comments. This information is not your personal data, but in combination with it, it can be used to identify you.
3.5. To pay through the platform we use payment services of our partners, such as Adyen. When paying for services, such services collect your personal data in accordance with the terms of the personal data policies of such partners. We do not collect personal information that you specify using such a service. However, we may receive information on the amount of the payment.

4. For what purpose do we collect data?

We collect personal data so to:
4.1. order the selected item;
4.2. specify the delivery address to our delivery partner;
4.3. deliver you the ordered item;
4.4. confirm the order you placed;
4.5. store the data until the order is fulfilled;
4.6. share it with the third parties as specified below;
4.7. inform you about the changes in the order if case of any in order to seek your confirmation or cancellation due to the change;
4.8. contact you in order to provide assistance or when it is necessary regarding the details of the order;
4.9. adhere to the applicable data protection law, the rules of behaviour on the platform, this Notice, and the terms of use;
4.10. sent you the information regarding our services, recommended items, information about our partners, and other marketing materials.
We may process your personal data automatically so to:
4.11. send you the information regarding our services, recommended items, information about our partners, and other marketing materials;
4.12. administer the platform, make changes, improve the functionality of the platform;
4.13. fill in available data using your personal profile in the social network. You can find the details on how this works in the rules of social networks;
4.14. generate invoices, confirmations, contract and other documentation in order to fulfil the placed order.

5. Which rights do you have?

5.1. The personal data that you provided is yours. We use it only for the purpose specified in this Notice and other documents.
5.2. As a subject of personal data, you have the possibility to ask for the access to your personal data through contacting us using the form below. Therefore, you can control what data you provide to us, correct the data in the event of an error, and delete the data.
5.3. You can contact us to:
5.3.1. request the information on how your personal data is processed and regarding the essense of such data;
5.3.2. file a motivated claim against the processing of their personal data;
5.3.3. exercise the rights regarding your personal data, in particular, the right to change or erase the data completely;
5.3.4. withdraw the consent for the processing of personal data where such consent was given;
5.3.5. request for detailed information about the mechanism of automatic processing of personal data.
5.4. We take care of the security of your personal data and, therefore, we use commercially reasonable technological and organizational methods to protect your personal data from unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage.
5.5. If necessary, you can choose to use remedies in the event of violations of the applicable data protection laws, including handling complaints about processing of your personal data to court.

6. Where the data is stored and how long is it stored?

6.1. Your personal data can be maintained and stored by our service providers in the European Union. It can also be stored outside of the European Union based on the necessity of contractual obligations from the delivery company in China.
6.2. Where the personal data is stored on our behalf we make sure to keep the service providers contractually committed to keep it protected and secured, in accordance with industry standards.
6.3. For the purposes of fulfilling our contractual obligations we retain your personal data until you the ordered item is delivered to you and accepted by you. We will also store the personal data after the order was fulfilled in order to satisfy any relevant obligations. For example, in case you want to return the delivered item after it was accepted, where it is reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations, to resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, enforce our agreements and (or) protect our legitimate interests.
6.4. For such purpose, we will not store the personal data for more than 6 months after it was obtained by us. After that, the data will be permanently erased and (or) anonymised for further use. Anonymisation of data will render the personal data completely unidentifiable with you.
6.5. For the marketing related purposes, we retain your data for not more than one year after it was obtained by us. After that, the data will be permanently erased and (or) anonymised for further use. Anonymisation of data will render the personal data completely unidentifiable with you.

7. Sharing the data with third parties

7.1. We grant access to personal data to affiliated persons only in the following limited circumstances:
7.1.1. it is needed for the maintenance of the platform by service providers and contractors;
7.1.2. it is needed for fulfilling the order by partners.
7.2. We can also transfer the data to the competent supervisory authority, or other public authority on the basis on sufficient legal grounds and appropriately made request.

8. Security of the personal data

8.1. We take all necessary measures to protect data from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or erasure. These measures include, but are not limited to, the internal review of collection, storage, processing, data security measures, including appropriate encryption and access modes, measures to ensure physical security of data to prevent unauthorized access.

9. Limitation of responsibility

9.1. Although we cannot guarantee the full safety of the storage, use or transfer of data against unauthorized access, interference, interception by third parties or other misuse, we use commercially reasonable and appropriate efforts to protect your personal data.
9.2. There may be hyperlinks to other websites existing on our platform. As we cannot be responsible for the reliability of the information provide on such websites, we encourage you to check the terms of use and privacy policies, especially before assessing the information and (or) sharing your personal data.

10. Updates

10.1. We may update this Policy as required by applicable data protection law, and to reflect changes to our information collection, usage and other practices. In any case, we will inform you about the changes to this Policy.

11. Contact information

If you have any questions relating to our handling of your personal data or our use of cookies or if you would like to invoke any of your rights under applicable privacy legislation, please contact us at:

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