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The coincidence of brand name WilliamWallace with main character’s name in Braveheart film is not random. It was the main character performed by Mel Gibbson who inspired the founder of brand on name and company’s vector. William Wallace is a real historical figure, the national hero of Scotland. His example is impressive not only by patriotic act for freedom, but also by honesty, integrity and accepting who you are.

Sir William Wallace was not a representative of the nobility. Coming from a simple family it was not easy to achieve general recognition, but his work turned his folk favorite.

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Our brand is far from Scotland and from its national traditions, but at the same time, we also like the spirit of freedom, in all its manifestations. Primarily this is the freedom of expression and self-determination. Our designers are not shy to add their contemporary vision to the well-established style templates.

One more feature of Wallace, namely the quest for equality, has resulted in our brand’s main credo: “Fashionable and high-quality things should be accessible to everyone.” We have always considered unjust that most of our people cannot afford beautiful and reliable accessories. Our goal is to change the situation and we have already done a lot to achieve it.
The task of WilliamWallace is to make people free and unite them into a community so that they can show by their own example how to be free. The more people see free people, who value every minute, enjoy life, and this project on their lives. The more of US and our stories, the more we create value in the world by projecting the spirit of freedom on other people.

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