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About our collection

Our brand, inspired by William Wallace’s heroism and unbreakable will to freedom, has its own unique style. The basis for each model is a classic approach to the design of watch or an accessory, but at the same time, we achieve originality and follow modern trends due to bright colors and extravagant details.

William Wallace brand watches perfectly reflect the general approach to the creation of brand products. Their design fits well into almost any style: from official business to casual and evening. Our watches are a great gift at an affordable price. Our clients do not need to spend more money to give joy to their loved one or themselves for the soul. And also join the freedom-loving people community who respect the “lag”culture. Each person deserves the best, regardless of status and financial situation.

One of the main our company’s credo is the availability of beautiful and high-quality accessories for everyone.
The great importance to us is the style of our products: they must necessarily fit into the spirit of the brand, as well as be ideally suited for a gift. It is worth noting that quality is paid no less attention than the appearance of the product. For brand models, only reliable mechanisms of leading world manufacturers are used. You can be sure that the watch will not only be a great addition to your image, but will also serve for many years, fulfilling its original purpose.

William Wallace brand accessories represent a number of bracelets, which serve as the basis for creating your own design solutions using the so-called “charms”. Among them are both beads of different size and shape, as well as more complex jewelry. From abstractions to quite clear figures, everyone will be able to choose for himself exactly the set that will emphasize his individuality. With William Wallace, you don’t have to spend much time buying components: instead of buying one bead, you can purchase up to twenty charms at the same price. For our community, this is important, because we value not stones and precious metals, but a sense of style and simple, but beautiful things. They say that all genius is simple!

Many of you have met people about whom they say “Dressed simply, but with taste.” You can easily learn to make the same impression using bracelets with William Wallace charms. You can do with a minimalist bracelet with one charm or without them at all, or make the most of the space, alternating beads with hanging elements, creating an individual pattern. It is worth to say, this is the perfect option for a gift to a girl or woman: it is an elegant jewelry, and an opportunity to express yourself creatively. In addition, you cannot worry about jewelry will not fit, because it will be created independently.

Our brand is developing rapidly, as a company and as a community. We and people who use our products and ideas are united by non-standard and creative thinking, the spirit of freedom and a clear positioning of themselves. Our team is constantly trying to expand the model range in order to give you even more opportunities and freedom in choosing accessories for yourself or loved ones.

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